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Andrzej Gudanowski

Candidate for MLA (Alberta Provincial Election
May 29,2023





SECURITY MEANS. Sufficient Security in every aspect of Life.   Crime prevention: A keeping community away from violence, social problems, physical force, and psychological abuse. If someone faces police or justice, all court process must be fair and honest.

Financial security in every aspect of life: Protect the community from any programs, which will require a high financial contribution. To ensure that daily life is normal and that basic needs are met.                                                                                     

Affordable housing: If the System will still produce low-income citizens RENT included to INCOME TAX. This idea is already implemented in some provinces.

Keep a healthy environment at the work, home, schools, and public places, and access to the sports facility. A minimizes the risk of injury, illness or accidents, teaching the community about safety food, water, chemicals, and machines. The affordable: additional health insurance to everyone.

Everyone should have easy access to schools, learning centers, and training facility.

Keep and protect the community away from any negative media effects: Social media, press, the internet, advertising sign.                

Safety transportation, including walking, cycling, riding a motorcycle and driving, affordable Car insurance for people with low-income. 

Keep, the purely spiritual life of the community without pressure from other religions.

RESPONSIBILITY MEANS. An MLA and the Whole community must be aware of the responsibility for all their actions.

COMMUNITY PROSPERITY MEANS: Bring to the Community Investors and business. Create jobs. Public money spent wisely. Do not rely only on local business. Invest money in the future of our children and the young generation of people, not forgetting the oldest generation.






Eliminate ethnic clashes                                            Eliminate kidnapping and abductions                                      Eliminate conflicts between, public institutions and citizens                                                                            Eliminate Police brutality,                                            Eliminate Citizen Brutality.                                                    Eliminate White collar crime.                                        Eliminate all kind discrimination, (workplace, housing, etc., etc.)                                                                        Eliminate the threat of domestic Terrorism.          Eliminate International Terrorism                          Eliminate of hatred and aggression among citizens  Eliminate conflicts between employee and employer  Eliminate violations of traffic regulations                    Eliminate mental illness crime                                  Eliminate domestic abuse and violence                  Eliminate divorces cases                                                Eliminate pedophilia and sexual crime                      Eliminate rape, and sexual slavery                          Eliminate alcoholism,                                                                  Eliminate Internet and phone crime                          Eliminate drug and nicotine addiction                    Eliminate any corruption                                                    Eliminate massive unemployment                            Eliminate homelessness                                            Eliminate poverty                                                          Eliminate suicide cases                                              Eliminate cases of missing people                              Eliminate environmental pollution.                        Eliminate huge public and private bureaucracy.   Eliminate political crime.                                                          A number of prisons will be reduced                                                                                                         The system will save millions of dollars in public money. This money can very much help to modernize the new justice system or be able to be transferred to the medical system.                                    SO, WELCOME. JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN.  REMEMBER ME on IN DAY OF ELECTION:  MAY 29 2023



  1. I Intend To Run For Federal MP Edmonton Griesbach

  2. Electors and Elections  

  3. Honest and effective community   MAIN PLATFORM

  4. Community Cooperation – We Help One Another

  5. What do I Think about Politicians?

  6. What I Think About Politics

  7. National health system

  8. National legal system    MAIN PLATFORM

  9. Police and Security companies    MAIN PLATFORM

  10. Emigration    MAIN PLATFORM

  11. Non-integrated communities

  12. Economics and Finance

  13. The tax system

  14. Military

  15. Transport

  16. Communication Systems

  17. Energy sector and natural deposits

  18. Social issues

  19. Education

  20. Family

  21. Women

  22. Seniors and people with disabilities

  23. Politics and Religion

  24. Public media

  25. Culture and entertainment

  26. Work and unemployment

  27. A natural human environment

  28. Housing and commercial property

  29. Food

  30. Water 

  31. Sport


I participated tree time in elections to the Edmonton City Council, in 2013, 2017 and 2021. In 2019 I took part in the elections to the Parliament of the Province of Alberta and also in Federal Election for MP. I have prepared 4 Major Programs, they included 30 Chapters which contain 272 new legal acts and replace over 40 acts that are already old, concerning specifically everyday human affairs. HOW CAN I DO IT? Ideas first arise in the human head, then it should be transferred to paper, the idea became an issue. With this project, you should go to the community first, at least 10 meetings. If people like it, it is a sign to show this project to fellow politicians with different political options. When they like it, it's time to go to the law specialists and create the bill. In this way, I can prepare at least 2-3 bills in a month. Each bill must contain benefits and elements for all social groups in the country at the same time. A politician cannot create law only for one special social group or individual while omitting other social groups and other people. If a politician creates a law in a different way as I have mentioned here, then the act either has very little effect or does not give citizens anything at all.

Politics and a clear conscience

A politician should be guided by conscience and work in accordance with his conscience.

A politician should encourage others to help him so that he will not be lost and lie.

The nation needs only strong leaders, who in the capital of their country will decide about the fate of their own country, never anywhere else.

You have to trust the candidate, but then you have to look after him.

You should vote for an honest man because it is building our future.

We cannot reconcile our own religious faith with a life of lies.

We cannot omit God in the structures of this world.


 We stand up against crime, any kind of crime.


Our 1 program provides:


We will create community centers, where Canadians will have free and universal access to family doctors, psychologist’s therapists and defense lawyers as a community council.


A voluntary service will be created in our constituency, Guardian Angels.


Money obtained from all crime will be deposited into one account and will be only for victims of crime, support a new criminal justice system or medical system. Never again will be taken to the common budget of the state, province or city  


We will build a medium-sized prison for those who use their work in the public service to obtain benefits in an illegal manner.


Our 2 program:

To get acquainted with our 2 programs, just copy one of the topics of the 2 program and put it on Facebook.

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